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Grounding Fantasy in Reality and Tackling Controversial Topics
Artwork by ShortCircuit123 on A reader wrote in to me recently and mentioned that while she didn’t have the same visceral reaction to a particular scene (no spoilers) as many other readers had, she didn’t like that one of the characters had to use sex as part of the resolution of the conflict in that

The Strands of Elae and Their Associated Adepts
Many of you have been asking about the magical strands of elae and their associated Adepts. This is a pared down version of the chart that appears in Paths of Alir (that chart contains information that would be spoilers for the earlier books). I plan to soon include this chart in the ebook versions of Cephrael’s Hand and

Author Q&A and a Plea to Aspiring Writers
Concept art for an early cover idea for Cephrael’s Hand. Artwork by Mike “Daarken” Lim ( To my readers: please know how much I appreciate your emails, mentions and comments! Recently, many of you have written to me asking similar questions. I thought it would be best to answer all of you here on my blog in order to