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A Pattern of Shadow & Light

“This is epic fantasy at its best. Otherworldly creatures, magic, swordplay, mystery, and politics all have a place in this story and the author weaves it all together in a symphonic storytelling that is impossible to put down.” ~ My Writer’s Cramp

“Rarely do I come across a book that fills me with such zeal and I’m convinced the whole world needs to read it … Melissa McPhail created a world unlike any other in fiction but also not unlike our own, where individualism and unity exist all at once; good and evil coincide, are intertwined, and vary in shades; and philosophy, mundane and profound, shape lives. With her debut novel, she captured a world—from its physical base to its ethereal heavens, and everything tangible and intangible between…” ~The LUV’NV

“This Book is like a roller-coaster ride. Character shifts, scene shifts and above all the plot surges forward in an amazing momentum. Definitely not a dull ride… Keep some aspirins by your side table.“ ~ The Book Club

“McPhail manages to juggle an amazing breadth of events in this one book, interweaving them so simply and yet so intricately that each new revelation leaves you astounded.” ~ATSP

“This book made me feel for the characters. I laughed with them, felt sad with them and smiled with them. The author did a great job!” ~Cheshire Cat’s Looking Glass

“The world-building is just as intricate, and well-thought out, as is the plotting… From the very first pages of the book, the reader is plunged into this world in which the currents of Fate, as well as those of magic, will be sure to propel said reader along, until the final page is turned! Fantasy fans, prepare to be delighted and totally immersed in this unique, magical universe!” ~ A Night’s Dream of Books

“More action-packed and purpose-driven, The Dagger of Adendigaeth continues A Pattern of Shadow & Light series with stabbing emotion, a deeper cutting plot, and sharp new pawns and players in the elemental, spiritual, and physical war for Alorin—all while intricately threading the characters’ lives from the first book with the new and creating another world that expands upon the first’s possibilities. An escaping, drop-everything-now read!” ~The LUV’NV

“McPhail manages to juggle an amazing breadth of events in this one book, interweaving them so simply and yet so intricately that each new revelation leaves you astounded.” ~The Bookish Foodie

Cephrael’s Hand and The Dagger of Adendigaeth blew me away and I fully expected Paths of Alir to do the same. It did not disappoint, though the beauty in the third book is a little different, darker and sometimes uncomfortable.” ~White Sky Project

Cephrael’s Hand by Melissa McPhail is a fantasy adventure set in a richly imagined, well-constructed world complete with its own magic system and religious structure. McPhail has peopled her world with engaging, flawed but courageous characters that keep the pages turning long after a lesser book would have been set aside.” ~The Brass Rag

“Melissa has created a complex world full of intrigue, betrayal, and deceit that captures the reader’s attention in such a way that leaves you wanting to read more.” ~Lissette E. Manning Book Review Blog

“Melissa McPhail is so descriptive, you can see the emotion jump off the page and enter your body with such force you feel each and every word.” ~Random Smiles

“McPhail just keeps getting better. The Dagger of Adendigaeth builds magnificently upon the foundation laid in Cephrael’s Hand. The world gets more complex, the tale gets more compelling and in a strange way becomes even more solid and believable. …The characters in Paths of Alir are so vivid; the world so complex yet so intricately designed and maintained that I am truly in awe of McPhail’s talent and the way her story and skill grows from book to book.” ~Tracy Riva Books & Reviews

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