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A Pattern of Shadow & Light Glossary

Warning – this page may contain spoilers.

This glossary for the series A Pattern of Shadow & Light is ever expanding. If you don’t find a term here that is used in the book, please email us. Underlining within definitions denotes words that may be found in this glossary.

Adendigaeth (aden da gay uth)  [Old Alæic]  1 Rebirth, regeneration  2 A festival in celebration of the Winter Solstice lasting of varying lengths in different kingdoms but traditionally culminating on the Longest Night.

Adept (a´-dept) n.  [Old Alæic]  1 One born with the instinctive ability to sense and compel one of the five strands of elae  2  a race of such persons, each with attributes intrinsic to the strand of elae that modified them [an adept of the third strand] 3 A Healer, Nodefinder, Truthreader, or Wildling.

Angiel (ahn geel´) n. [Old Alæic]  The Maker’s two blessed children, made in the Genesis to watch over His worlds.  Cephrael, the brother, is often ascribed as the Hand of Fate, doling out the Maker’s justice, while Epiphany, the sister, is the speaker of His will.

Awaken (awaken) v. [  ] Adepts who have Returned awaken to their inherent abilities usually during the transition of puberty but sometimes as early as two years of age.

Balance (bal ans) n. [  ]  The term used to describe the highest force of cause and effect in the realm of Alorin; the natural laws of the realm which define how far the currents may be twisted out of their natural paths by wielders of elae before manifest retribution is incurred by the wielder.  These laws are of much consideration among the various Adept Guilds and a topic of intense speculation and theorization.

Drachwyr (drak wer) n. [Old Alæic] An Adept of the fifth strand of elae: the drachwyr were banished to the icy edges of the realm in the year 597aV.

Elae  (e-la´) n.  [Old Alæic, elanion, life, force; the power of life]  1 The itinerant (roaming) energy that, in its accumulation and formation, creates the pattern that becomes the foundation of a world 2 pertaining to any of the five codified strands of this energy, each with distinctly separate attributes.

Espial  (espy´-al) n.  [Cyrenaic espyen

Fhorg (forg) n. One of the Wildling races known for their abuse of blood magic.

Healer (heel er) n.  [Old Alæic haelan > hal whole]  An Adept of the first strand of elae who has the ability to see the life patterns of living things and compel the creative forces of the first strand to alter them.

Leis (ley) n. [Old Alæic leis] The shortest pathway available to a Nodefinder when using the pattern of the world to travel, often connecting spaces within a small geographic area.

Malorin’athgul (muh loren nath gool) n. [Old Alæic, they who make the darkness] A race of beings from beyond the known realms of Light who were birthed by the Maker to balance Creation by unmaking the ever-expanding universe at its far unraveling fringes.

Merdanti (mer dan te) n. [Agasi] 1 An impossibly hard black stone named for the region of Agasan in which it is found  2 a weapon forged using the fifth strand of elae and made from this stone.

Na’turna (nah toor nah) n. [Old Alæic < nare turre, of the earth] a non-Adept; mortal.

Node (nod) n.  [Old Alæic nodus, knot ] The points where the pattern of the world conjoins.  Nodes connect places in vastly different geographic regions and allow a Nodefinder to travel great distances within a few steps.  In the realm of Alorin, nodes also connect to the neighboring realm of T’khendar due to the nature of the latter’s formation.

Nodefinder (nod-fin der ) n.  [Old Alæic nodus, knot + findan, find]  Adept of the second strand of elae who sees the points where the pattern of the world conjoins (called nodes) and can use these points to travel vast distances; see also Espial.

Patterning  (pat´?rn·?) v. [Veneisean patrun, patron, hence something to be imitated, pattern]   The technology comprising the use of patterns to compel the strands of elae to move against their natural course, an action (also called wielding) which is often erroneously referred to as magic.

Raedan (ray´ -dan]) n.  [Old Alæic raedan, to guess, read, counsel]  1 One trained to read the currents of elae and thereby able to discern the workings of patterns and their effects throughout the realm.

Realm  (relm´) n. [Veneisean, realme (altered by assoc. with reiel, royal) < Cyrenaic, regere, to rule]  1 A kingdom  2  One of the thousand linked worlds, each represented by an elected Seat and four Vestals in the governing cityworld of Illume Belliel 3 The realm of Alorin.

Return (Returned, Returning) (return) n.  [Agasi, strônd]  An Adept who has died and been reborn.  See also Awakening.

Sobra I’ternin [origin unknown] The ancient text most often attributed to the angiel Cephrael, which details the natural laws of patterns in thaumaturgic application.  The book is itself written in patterns and has yet to be fully translated, though many Orders are dedicated to its study, translation and adaptation for use in the magical arts.

Strand (strand´) n.  [Agasi, strônd]  1 Any of the parts that are bound together to form a whole [the strands of one’s life]  2  Referring to any of the five composite aspects of elae and its five attributive fields of magic (respectively: strand1:creation, 2:motion, 3:time, 4:thought, 5:elements).

Thread (thred) n.  [Old Alæic thræd, to bind]  A colloquial term used when speaking of a group of four men of a specific race, as opposed to a String, which is a grouping of six.

Tiern’aval (teer na vol) n.  An island city, one of the Free Cities of Xanthe, which vanished at the end of the Adept wars circa 597aV.  The city’s fate remains a mystery.

Truthreader (truth – read er) n.  [Old Alæic treowe, true + raedan]  An Adept of the fourth strand of elae who is able to hear (and sometimes see) the thoughts of others and is thereby able to discern the time, place and form of any occurrence in their memory, i.e. its truth.

Tyriolicci (Teer ree oh lee chee) n.  One of the Wildling races.  See Whisper Lord.

Vestal  (vest´-al) n.  [Cyrenaic, vestir, to endow]  1 An Adept elevated and empowered with the responsibility of enforcing the laws, regulations, activities and codes of his respective strand of elae, and of overseeing all Adepts subject to it  2 one of five highly-trained and advanced Adepts elected as voting members of the Council of Realms, ranking just below the Seat of the realm in authority.

Weld (weld) n.  [Cyrenaic, welden, to be strong] The most major joints in the pattern of the world.  All leis and nodes connect through a weld, thus a weld allows travel to any location.  Welds also form the joints between the realms and thus allow travel from realm to realm.

Whisper Lord n.  [Collq.] One of the Wildling races (Tyriolicci)  known for their frenzied fighting style.  Whisper Lords are often used as assassins.

Wielder  (weld´?r) n.  [Cyrenaic, welden, to be strong < Old Alæic, valere, a show of strength]  A person of any race who uses patterns to compel one or more strands of elae, thereby influencing the strand’s properties to create the effect he has postulated; a sorcerer in the realm of Alorin.  Adepts and men become wielders through training and study.

Wildling  (wahyld´-ling]) n.  [Old Alæic wilde]  1 (Collq) An Adept of the third strand of elae 2 Any of the twenty-seven non-human races whose native abilities are attributed to the third strand of elae but who may or may not be possessed of paranormal abilities.

Zanthyr (zan thur) n.  [Old Alæic]  An elusive Adept of the fifth strand of elae; zanthyrs can shapeshift between two forms: one human, one animal.  Some have been known to work elae as wielders, but the extent of their abilities is unknown.