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THE SiXth StRand

a pattern of shadow and light | book 5

Melissa McPhail’s epic fantasy series A Pattern of Shadow & Light has won a collective nine awards for outstanding fantasy and (even more importantly to the author) the devotion of thousands of readers. She continues the story in this fifth installment of the series, The Sixth Strand:

“The strands are as interwoven as the visible spectrum, yet upon closer inspection, one may be found to bind the rest.” – Isabel van Gelderan, Epiphany’s Prophet

The First Lord’s game has reached a critical apex. For the first time in millennia, the teams are equally matched. The field itself holds a kind of equilibrium. It is the task of Björn’s Players to unbalance the field in their own favor and restore Balance to the Realms of Light.

But with Malorin’athgul and now Warlocks returned to the realms, the game—and the stakes involved—has elevated to an entirely new order of magnitude, requiring Björn’s Players to do the same.

From the dimension of Shadow to the realm of T’khendar, from the Empire of Agasan to the fire deserts of Avatar, Ean, Tanis, Trell, Sebastian and the rest of Bjorn’s Players will be walking their paths, playing their positions against immortal enemies in a game where every choice poses mortal consequences.

A Pattern of Shadow and Light

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